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A streamlined marketplace that offers flexible ad placement across a growing network of digital displays all managed by a simple online platform.

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Simple As Pick, Pay, Display

We’ve made buying ads for digital signage quick and easy, and put it all at your fingertips. No forms to fill out, no screen owners to hunt down, and no more waiting for rates and availabilities.

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Target Your Audience

Pick from a growing network of digital signage locations and customize your selections to find the perfect screens and dates to target your audience.

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Place Ads Quickly

Built for simplicity and speed, our platform allows you to assign ads to any location within minutes. Newly uploaded ads can be live in as little as 24 hours.

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Advertise Your Way

With Snapp, you pay by the day. Buy one day or buy 100, it’s completely up to you. You’re never locked into a contract and never forced into a long term commitment. You choose the days you want to advertise based on your strategic needs.

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Buy Now, Assign Later

Reserve ad space even before your ads are ready. You can assign and change your ads anytime before their scheduled run date. So feel free to plan ahead!

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